Earn More Money
For Your Cause Or Brand

 Through Your Own Branded Cell Phone Game
With Practically No Effort On Your Part!

Connect with your fans on a daily basis
by putting your pictures in front of them on their cell phones.

With your own white-label FAN-TASSTIK^tm puzzle game,
your fans will see your pictures for hours
as they have fun playing the game show challenges
through 12 exciting levels.

It's like a new kind of souvenir,
it's like a T-shirt for the phone--
one of the few ways in which you actually make money by advertising,
instead of having to pay a promoter.

All you do is supply us with your favorite photos,
let your fans know the game's available,
and then sit back as the money comes in.

We do the heavy lifting in producing and listing your game.
And then we both simply split the profits out the back.

What You Get & How It Works


Check It Out!

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