What You Get

Your own branded souvenir Android game,
produced and listed on the Android Market.

How It Works

(1)  You supply us with 12 + 1 licensed photos for the game.

(2)  If you wish, you may also redo the title splash screen
      to brand your FAN-TASSTIK version further.

(3)  We agree on the pricing.  Common games are listing at $0.99
      or possibly $1.99 as of Oct 2011.  FAN-TASSTIK uses 3D graphics
      and addictive play.  If you mention the game at concerts, or have a special campaign,
      we feel you might be able to support perhaps $2.99-$4.99 or higher
      per download.  It all depends.  We'll let you take the lead on this.

(4)  We create a new game version, cut the photos into it,
      produce the game, and put the game in distribution through
     Google's Android Market.  The Market is automatically built in
     onto the desktop of all Android smart phones known to us.
     It is also available directly on the web.  It runs 24/7.

(5)  You send out a tweet to your fans,
     and let your friends on Facebook know what's there.

(6)  Your fans go onto Google Android Market and buy your app.
      They have fun for days working the puzzles,
      and seeing your pictures as they progress through the levels.
     Your presence goes with them--you are as close to them as their phone.

(7)  Google pays for the merchant account clearing costs,
     and takes 30% out the back for its standard listing charge.
     Merchant charges would normally be around 25 cents plus 3%,
     but these are covered by their cut.

(8)  We split the remainder.

(9)  Stone Ring sends you a check after we get paid from Google.

(10)  "That ain't working, that's the way you do it.
Money for nothin', and your checks for free."
It's the way things should be.
     You've worked hard to build up your fan base and your mailing list;
you deserve to get paid a little bit.
And your fans deserve some excitement and fun in their lives.



Check It Out!

Click on the TassTik logo below to view the TassTik game website
and then call business development at (818) 810-6671